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What is Hands-On Hope: Hands-On Hope is a local community service and humanitarian NGO providing critical support to those suffering from poverty and hardship. Hands-On Hope was established in 2015 in Amman, Jordan with the vision of reaching the poorest of the poor, and is comprised of Jordanian volunteers, students, and concerned individuals with a passion for helping the less-privileged.

the girls Mission Statement: Hands-On Hope is a Jordanian NGO committed to improving the quality of life through supporting initiatives and services that respond to community needs at the grassroots, regional, and national levels. We focus on providing the resources to sponsor scholarships for bright but underprivileged students, humanitarian assistance through food security in remote areas, and support to families in emergency situations.
Shahad 8 yrs Our Vision: In order to impact the society in a transforming and long-lasting way, Hands-On Hope focuses its energy on successful programs dedicated to education and humanitarian aid to alleviate poverty where it is needed most. We mobilize and train local volunteers to become an integral part of our hands-on projects which provide opportunities for targeted community service.
washing machine-thank you!! Goals:

  • University Scholarships for bright students with leadership potential, and training for post-grad students to prepare them for entering the work force.
  • Food Security for orphans and families suffering malnutrition in remote areas.
  • Family Assistance such as neighborhood kindergartens where children have exposure to early learning in a safe environment.
  • Self-Sufficiency projects such as sewing centers where women can learn a trade and provide income for their families.
1522127_10204490930851807_464715794097831989_n Our Values: We value the collective and collaborative efforts of the community as we join forces to solve the problems of poverty and suffering.

  • Equal Access: To provide the “right to education” for students, regardless of their economic background.
  • Respect: To build respect towards all people no matter their background, race, color or religion, and to encourage human dignity and to help every human being feel their worth.
  • Transparency: We aim for excellence and professionalism in all aspects of our organization and to carry a high standard of integrity regarding projects, finances and resources.
2. Elderly man, 103 yrs old receives food

Who We Are: Hands-on Hope is a non-profit charity with a board of directors and a team of dedicated volunteers. We also collaborate with other other local registered charities on the field in the needy areas we serve to expand and maximize our efforts.

Volunteers from Wadi Musa Why We Do It: Every person; man, woman, elder, and especially child, deserve to have their basic needs of shelter, food, clothing, and to live a safe life without fear. Every person in Jordan is truly our mother, brother, or sister, and as such, it is our duty to help the needy in whatever way we can.


Hands-On Hope/ حفنة أمل is registered as a charitable society with the Ministry of Social Development in Jordan

National number 3721. Registration number 2014011114816

Phone: 0787484445 Mail: P.O. Box 963228, Amman 11196, Jordan