Dear Friends, 

Welcome to our Ramadan News!

Dear Friends, thank you all for your support during Ramadan. In total, over 600 food packages were distributed to very needy families, other families received cash donations to cover their food or rent or other bills in Ramadan.  And of course in Eid families received complete packages personalised for all their children of new clothes and toys.  Next we’ll focus on school stationary for the opening of the school year for under-privileged children. But our biggest efforts will now be concentrated on scholarships for poor but bright students. Providing a education gives young people an open door for a bright future to secure his destiny, and a good job to escape poverty. Our scholarship fund is called “BRAVO!–For Education”. If you would like more information or are interested in how you can participate in helping young people receive an education please contact Suhad Mango at 0799545482. Shukran!

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Jacki Scott
Tel: +962 787 484 4445

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