We were placed here with the privilege to help each other

 Hands-On Projects Include:

Mohammed with new Laptop!

Mohammed with a new laptop. He has now finished his studies in computer programming. His dream is to teach children.

UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIPS: The BRAVO!! educational scholarship began in 2015 with the goal of providing exceptional students with the opportunity to pursue higher education. BRAVO!! is actively providing high-achieving, needy students with a fully funded scholarship! Additionally Hands-on Hope is providing other needed tools such as laptops and seminars on soft skills and job preparation training for entering the workforce.

BRAVO!! Student Qualifications:

– Minimum tawjihi score of 85%
– Maintain a university grade point average of 2.9
– Must have honest character, high values, integrity, and be a good role model
– Must be non-smoking
– Students must pay back the loan within a fixed time period after they have found employment
– Volunteer in the community

Sponsorship Opportunities Include the Following:

Funding Per Semester Per Year
University 350-850 JDs 1050-2550 JDs
Books 70-90 JDs 210-270 JDs
Transportation & Food 150 JDs 450 JDs

“You are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget to do so”

Ramadan in Dlagah FOOD SECURITY: Every child has the right to eat. Thanks to the generosity of donors, staples such as milk, rice, lentils, beans, tea, tuna, soup, tomato paste and pasta and other essentials for a healthy diet has enabled us to produce high-quality food packages of approximately 20 kilos, sufficient to provide food security in the neediest areas of Jordan.

“Every child has a right to eat.”

Heba's kids in the tent! HUMANITARIAN AID: Working at the grassroots, flexibility is important when it comes to helping in crisis situations and in times of disaster such as floods, war and conflict, or severe poverty and hardship. The goal is to rally whatever is necessary to provide solutions to suffering, whether that be visiting hospitals, providing medical equipment such as wheelchairs, or supplying tents in disaster areas. On the educational side, providing stationary and other educational equipment for children in poverty pockets helps to promote their education.

“The ones among us who will be really happy are those who have learned to serve.”

IMG-20150124-WA0009 FAMILY ASSISTANCE: Helping families survive during tough times, especially orphans or struggling mothers and vulnerable members of our society such as the elderly. Assistance can take on many forms such as providing shelter, or basic essentials such as blankets, heaters, and warm clothing in winter. Medical aid, baby needs, and at times some financial assistance is distributed.
66 families July 24 RAMADAN AND EID: The Holy month of Ramadan is an important time to remember the needy. We do our best to make Ramadan a special occasion by providing food and distributing food packages, especially in remote areas.
volunteers VOLUNTEERISM: Volunteerism enhances leadership training and empowers the participants to make a positive impact in our society, enabling young people to fulfill their social responsibility through community development activities.