Dear Friends, We want to thank you for making Jordan a better place to live in 2015. As you can see by what is happening in neighboring countries, there is a lot to be thankful for! We have peace, homes to go home to, a safe environment for our children to go to school. There are hundreds & thousands of individual people and companies in Jordan helping the needy around us. This is one big difference between Jordan and many other places—we are helping one another in our country. I believe this is a major factor in what is helping to keep Jordan a stable place to live—we are helping each other on a large scale—and not living selfishly. This is bringing stability. There are many nationalities in Jordan, but I see many nationalities helping each other. They don’t care if they are Jordanian, Palestinian, Bedouin, Iraqi, Syrian, Yemeni, Sudanese, Sudanese, Somalian…. This is the true spirit of a humanitarian. As long as we keep helping each other, the more possibility we will have to live in peace in the future—even if the other countries around us are collapsing. May God continue to bless us with peace for the sake of the poor, for Jordan and for our families. And may God help us to continue helping the needy in 2016!! Our future depends on it.


   Jacki Scott